We would like you to have our Mybabyhugs in your hearts, not only because of the design, but because they are smart. Therefore, thanks to one of our self-developed technologies, all of our structured carriers (flexible wraps are not included here) are adjustable in all directions (see video on the right ->).

Our carriers come in three sizes:

  1. Special/ new born size: 6/8 weeks old - 1 year old

  2. Classical size: 5/6 months old – 2 years old

  3. Supersize toddler size: 1,5 years old (only with full buckle version)

Concerning size 1 and 2, you can also request the following construction, which are normally made as a full tieable versions.

  • half buckle ( waistband with buckle, shoulder straps have to tie)

  • full buckle ( waist band and shoulder bands are with buckle)

Which size and construction should I choose?

Following we would like to give a recommendation. You only have to click on the button how old is your baby now and we will show you the best choice. 

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